When we love someone, we want to spend most of our time with them, and there is a valid reason why your man doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. 12. To love someone, you obviously have to care. So, not being bothered by a potential threat can be a great sign that he doesn't care enough. Don’t comfort yourself that he’s only checking out other girls and flirting with them and that he’d never make a real move on them or cheat on you because that is far from the truth. If you want to stop him from pulling away and draw him closer than ever, I suggest you try His Secret Obsession. With a man like that you will never be truly happy and satisfied because you’ll always feel like you have to beg for his undivided attention and love, and that is not something strong women do. The basis for genuine care from a guy to his girlfriend is love. She Just Doesn’t Care Anymore Love vs. Love is protective. Nevertheless, when a guy loves you, there will always exist an inch of fear that he might lose you. Oftentimes, individuals decided to stay in a relationship regardless of how miserable it is because of a paranoid fear of being separated from everyone else. A man who stops making an effort for the woman he is with and for the relationship probably has some new plans with someone else and has clearly given up on you all together. By Ashley Wehrli Jun 08, 2019. That's because they care so much about it! And for you, a girl, you would notice that a guy that doesn't care enough about you would pretend to do so only when he needs you to satisfy his sexual urge. If you move on, at least you will have the chance to meet a man who will put you first and who will make your happiness more important than his own. If this is something you can relate to your relationship, it’s time for you to stop justifying this guy and accept it as one of the harsh signs he doesn’t care about you. Even when they do, things like this would betray them. That among others is a way to show the world how much they care about the girl or woman. You would see him brush aside issues such as health, finance, sex, and other things that are capable of making or marring your relationship. Nevertheless, when a guy loves you, there will always exist an inch of fear that he might lose you. As the uncaring attitude grows, he may start calling you all sort of names that you probably never ever thought he could utter. He might be going through a challenging period in his life or facing one difficulty or the other at work. At first, things may seem to be going on well between you both but for a lot of reasons which is beyond the scope of this piece, your boyfriend (or even husband) may have started losing interest in you; you might have started seeing signs that he doesn't care as before anymore. However, deep down, you can’t help but feel that you’re losing him, no matter how hard you try to prevent that from happening. He Stops Talking About And Planning Future Events. While an all-sex relationship can reveal some degrees of no care or selfishness, a no-sex relationship too can be among the greatest signs that a guy doesn't love or care for you as before. He isn’t interested in meeting your friends and family, and he doesn’t have a clue about your job and hobbies. Granted, there might be times when you may have to call him first but if he still cares for you, you wouldn't be the only one doing that all of the time. HE STOPS COMMUNICATING . But when you cannot distinguish between how your boyfriend treats a casual friend or even a stranger from how he treats you, then the message cannot be any clearer - he doesn't care about you enough anymore. He'll hardly value your opinion on issues any longer and may start taking unilateral decisions. Please, just remember one thing: If you really have to chase him, he is probably not worthy of it. What you should know is that even if this is the case, he shouldn’t treat the woman who has been living with him for such a long time like that. If your answers tend to the affirmative, chances are that he doesn't care enough for you anymore. These are some of the signs a man shows when he doesn’t love you anymore. So, let's say instead of your boyfriend standing up for you as and when due, he is even the one exposing you or he remains indifferent; it's a serious signal that he might have ceased to care for you. That is not what you deserve, so don’t let any man treat you like that. He isn't going to be bold or defiant about it. If you have found one or more of these signs she or he doesn't want a relationship with you, be sure that a person is not interested in you. Each partner must give something emotionally, physically, and financially for it to be successful. Continuing a one-sided relationship isn’t worth your efforts because it will simply protract your pain. They are strong and valid signs that he doesn't care for you anymore. If he is a good guy at all, you would still see him struggling to accord you the respect he had always been willing to give. He notices all the little details about you and always makes an effort to get to know you better, despite you two being in a long-term relationship. If you stay in that kind of an environment, you will just do harm to yourself. If you're starting to feel undervalued in your relationship, here are five signs that can mean your partner doesn't care enough about you. In fact, any suggestion by anyone that is capable of ridiculing you would be resisted by him. He can be surrounded by many other better-looking or funnier girls, but he’ll know that you’re one of a kind, and he’ll treat you accordingly. Hate vs. Indifference. The implication of his action is that you are just a regular friend with no strings attached. Has anything changed? That said, if you think from all indications that a guy doesn't care about you, the wise thing to do would be to jettison the relationship.